Rooted in humble beginnings, Ultra Flex’s growth into the prosperous company it has become today is a story for the books. In 1969, a young entrepreneur named Brij Mohan Sharma started the company as a coal business. Through his integrity, charm and humility, he had built himself a loyal customer base. In a short span of 4 years, he expanded and set up his first Flexo printing plant in 1975 by the name of Ultra Flex Pvt. Ltd. 

His keen sense of business helped the company make huge amounts of profit. By 1977, he was able to invest money in plastic extrusion machines and set up a new plant where they started producing plastic rolls and packages. In 1979 Mr Sharma set up an additional plant with automated machinery to overcome challenges such as labour quality, management and high-volume manufacturing. This proved to be a turning point, Mr Sharma’s visionary approach resulted in increased efficiency and capacity of production.

To stay ahead of the curve and become a pioneer in the packaging industry, by the 1980s the business expanded into Rotogravure printing. This technique allowed the company to diversify their range towards more premium options. Ultra Flex also started providing customisable printing solutions, which enabled them to expand their market while providing customers with high-quality services. 

With a strong customer base and reputation in India, Ultra Flex decided to expand its operations towards the global market. This was enabled thanks to the Late Mr Rajiv Sharma, whose tireless dedication towards managing operations led to the establishment of a structure so brilliant that it took Ultra Flex to unprecedented heights and continues to do so under his wife Mrs Shalu Sharma.

The addition of Miss Priyanka and Rubeena Sharma to Ultra Flex proved to be a game-changer for the company’s productivity. Their expertise and focus on efficiency and automation significantly improved the production process. As a result, the company now produces products at a faster rate while maintaining precision and uniformity in the output. Their contributions have not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the overall quality of Ultra Flex’s products, solidifying its position as a leader in the packaging industry.

Anjini Sharma, the first of the third generation to join Ultra Flex, came with a mission to expand Ultra Flex’s legacy. Her vision for Ultra Flex involves taking the company to new heights by embracing automation and advancing technology. To realize this vision, Ultra Flex has taken significant steps to improve workflow efficiency. The implementation of an ERP system has led to better management and improved stock control, streamlining various processes within the organization. Additionally, the introduction of new automated cutting machines has ensured products are created with greater accuracy, resulting in enhanced product quality.

Chandan Sharma’s entry into the family business marked a pivotal moment as he aspired to transform Ultra Flex into a digitalized global venture. Today, the company is actively working towards expanding its product offerings to ensure scalability and competitiveness in the market. With a focus on diversification, Ultra Flex aims to solidify its presence in the industry.

The dynamic duo of Anjini and Chandan has set their sights on strengthening the company’s market position and increasing awareness of its exceptional services. Their vision is to see Ultra Flex as a prominent player, supplying an extensive range of packaging materials to customers worldwide, accompanied by top-notch customer service.

With every passing day, Ultra Flex continues to climb the ladder of success, driven by the ambition of becoming a global force in the packaging industry. Their commitment to embracing digital technologies and delivering impeccable products and services positions them to achieve their dreams of international recognition and success.

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