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Ultra Flex : Pioneers of packaging industry.

Packaging is a critical component of the supply chain. Its functions differ depending on the packing goods and type. Ultra Flex was founded in 1976 to fill a void in the flexible packaging business for high-quality materials in LD-LLDPE and PP bags. Across the past 4 decades, we have expanded our product lines to include HDPE, VCI films, and printing solutions including both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing.

In the current market, Ultra Flex supplies packaging material for industries such as food and beverage, autos and aircraft, agricultural, FMCG goods, medical products, and many more, not only in the home economy but also on a global scale.


To become India's ideal packaging maker, offering high-quality products at low pricing for all plastic packaging verticals for a global market.


To be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for packaging materials, we must be able to supply variety without sacrificing quality or pricing.


The company is built on three pillars: quality, punctuality, and trust. Ethical behaviours at all levels of the organisation, as well as a sense of responsibility.

Our Journey

Ultra Flex’s journey to success


Your determination takes you places

“If you are determined, you can achieve anything. With hard work, honesty and perseverance everything is possible.”

Brij Mohan Sharma
Chairman, Founder

Why we’re Different

As the leading manufacturer in the industry we understand the importance of quality and product specifications which help your product get the best care.

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