The Man Behind the Scene

Mr. B.M. Sharma

Mr. B.M Sharma began trading coal in 1969 and within four years, the company acquired a solid reputation in the market. While the business, was still in its infancy, it gathered a significant clientele, which enabled him to establish several relationships in the market. This aided him in achieving his long-term vision. Mr. Sharma realised at that point that he was not born to trade in coal alone, but that his lofty aspirations, ability, desire for reputation, and drive to become wealthy in life compelled him to explore other businesses as well. This was the point at which he began experimenting with new product lines on the market. That was the period when Mr. Sharma established his first flexo printing plant in 1975 under the name of Ultra Flex Private Limited, thus strengthening his market position. Ultra Flex at the time used to purchase plastic rolls for printing from other sources. In 1977, as sales increased, he invested in plastic extrusion equipment and established a new plant where they began manufacturing plastic roles and packaging under their own brand name.

New clients were formed as a result of Mr. B.M. Sharma’s goodwill and reputation in the market. Managing too many orders was a significant difficulty for Mr. Sharma at the time. First, the machines were not fully automated, increasing the output production time; second, there was a shortage of skilled labour, resulting in poor production capacity. To overcome this obstacle, Mr. Sharma established a second facility in 1979, where he purchased automated machines. This was the beginning of the business’s age of success and expansion, owing to improved quality, on-time delivery, and expanded capacity. A few years later, the business expanded into Rotogravure printing, which provided a higher level of print sharpness, putting the product category in the premium range of the company’s product catalogue. Today, Ultra Flex is expanding it’s product portfolio and planning for diversification in order to ensure the business’s scalability and viability in the market.

“If you are determined, you can achieve anything. With hard work, honesty and perseverance everything is possible.”

- B.M. Sharma