Started with coal business in 1969, Mr. Brij Mohan Sharma has only been on the way of growth and opportunities. He has created a brand for himself and a strong customer base for the firm over the decades, in different industries like coal, printing and packaging .

With his determination and vision to make Ultra Flex a huge success, he has manifested the growth of this company.


The Beginning

Mr. B.M Sharma started with trading of coal business in 1969 and in a short span of four years the brand gained a good reputation in the market. Mr. Sharma set up his first Flexo printing plant in 1975 by the name of Ultra Flex Pvt. Ltd. which added to his reputation in the market.


Expansion of firm and adaption of new technologies.

In 1977 when profits started rising, he invested that money in plastic extrusion machines and set up a new plant where they started producing plastic roles and packages. To overcome this challenge such as labour quality, management and high volume manufacturing, Mr. Sharma set up an additional plant where he bought automated machines in 1979. That was a turning point from where the era of success and growth began at Ultra Flex as a result of increased efficiency and capacity.


Rotogravure Printing

A few years later, the business expanded into Rotogravure printing, which provided a higher level of print sharpness, putting the product category in the premium range of the company's product catalogue. Along with premium quality printing, Ultra Flex began offering customised printing solutions, which enabled them to thrive in the market while maintaining their mission and goal of providing high-quality services and seamless customer interactions for which they are well-known.


Started serving globally

Ultra Flex had an unmatchable image for their products in the home economy. The late Mr. Rajiv Sharma joined the business during this time to create an efficient yet seamless work environment by setting in place accounting systems and job work formats. This resulted in an orderly management of Human Resources as well as doubled the output from the existing infrastructure. Mrs. Shalu Sharma followed in his footsteps and continued to maintain the systematic production formats. With the joining of Miss Rubeena Sharma, new levels of efficiency were achieved. She was instrumental in creating a disciplined environment, which in the chain of production resulted in better productivity and attention to detail. With Miss Priyanka Sharma's participation in Ultra Flex, new technologies were not just explored but automation systems were added, which impacted hugely on the product quality. Now the products are produced faster but also with precision and uniformity. This step-upgradation was a breakthrough for Ultra Flex into global markets.


The Third Generation joins

Anjini Sharma came with a mission to expand Ultra Flex’s legacy of offering unparalleled packing solutions and established themselves in a very short period of time through unshakable trust and a quality network. Their vision is to take Ultra Flex to new heights by automating work procedures and advancing technology. To put this into action, Ultra Flex took steps to improve the work flow by putting in place automated systems such as the ERP system, which so far have resulted in better management and improved stocking. Further, new automated cutting machines were introduced to create products with better accuracy and improve the quality. This has resulted in efficiently delivering quality products to the clients.


Chandan Sharma joined the family business with the dream of making it a digitalized global venture. Today, Ultra Flex is focusing on expanding the business to diversified product ranges in order to assure the business's scalability and viability in the market. The primary objective at the moment for this young duo-Anjini and Chandan-is to strengthen their market presence and to raise awareness of their impeccable services. Ultra Flex is climbing the ladder of success every day with a vision of supplying an extensive range of packaging materials in every part of the world along with quality customer service.