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Parental leave for employees

All employees in our group now qualify for paid parental leave. Our new policy allows 16 weeks of paid leave for all employees having children.

“Giving both parents time to bond with a new child is a contribution towards providing more flexibility and support to employees and ensures a good start with a new family member. We are delighted to offer this opportunity to all employees in Industris as part of our benefits package,” says Magne André Hovden, senior vice president for corporate people and leadership.
Entitlement to paid parental leave currently differs from country to country, based on legal entitlements and company benefits. They are often a mix of state/social security entitlements and company benefits. The Industris parental leave benefit will be combined with any entitlements from social security/insurance schemes or equivalent in the employment country.

The new policy for Industris employees applies from 1 January 2019.

Job Listings

We currently do not have any openings. Still drop us your CV that we can connect with you soon.

Analyst Information Security, Identity And Access Management


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